Arqma update 30.03.2020


I would like to share small update related to previous medium post

Actual release 6.0.2 of ArQmA daemon include zmq protocol. To use it just start arqmad — zmq-enabled.

Thanks to Muscleman we have also updated pool code

Those code use also zmq function and it’s much more efficient. Also less cpu and memory resources is needed to run pool.

Generally pools will run the same number of pool threads as cores. and these are consistently using 0.3–07% cpu and 0.3% memory.

Mathematically there is an amount of time when polling every 500ms where a block could be available and but the pool does not have the block. ZMQ eliminates this. So the test pool is currently running with a 85%-90% effort.

We did update electron wallet but not yet modified for zmq usage.


ArQmA Cryptocurrency

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