As we near a major step in ArQmA history, we would like to thank each and every member of the team for countless hours of hard work in code, design and ingenuity to finally bring the anticipated ARQNodes to the world.

Muscleman & Malbit have been with little sleep for weeks whilst working on wallets and our blockchain.

Bigslim/Richard Tibia/Greg/ArQSlim and everyone else who has helped get us to this point — We wholeheartedly thankyou.

We would also like to thank the community for your patience and the continued belief in us to reach our stipulated goals.

We believe we are building the foundations to change the game in the privacy scene, and we cant wait to show you all what that looks like!



#InPrivacyWeTrust #Nodes $ARQ

ARQMA to issue first $bARQ token

We are pleased to announce Step 1 to our ArQmA growth plan ► the $bARQ token contract layer to the upcoming ArQmA network services.

The ARQ coin and $bARQ token will work together in the worlds first Binance Smart Chain ArQBridge™ between a privacy coin codebase and a standard DeFi codebase.

We have chosen Binance Smart Chain because:

We would like to give more people the opportunity to participate in the upcoming ArQmA Network and the anticipated services of Layer 2 through a DeFi angle.

BSC is not only quick in transaction time, but…

Hello ArqManians.

Since our last release at the end of August, many of you have been regularly asking — ‘When are the service nodes coming to the ARQ-Network’?
We would like to let you know that our dev team has been coding hard, day and night, for many months on a private repository which will adapt the current codebase to integrate the anticipated service nodes into our ARQ-Network. The integration of this new technology into our base layer is not a trivial code implementation and has some impact to the economy of the ARQ-Network itself.
As you may already know ArQmA is…

Arqma status updates 31.08.2020

Our team is working on the codebase continuously. Coding never stops. Over the past few months we have updated and improved the core code. We have also decided to add PoW/PoS hybrid consensus with layer2 network to the ARQ-Network.
Initially, we aimed to release the test network at the end of this month. Unfortunately we need a little more time as there are some impacts on other vital parts of the code that we need to handle as well. We prefer to deliver a safe and well tested network than something that is rushed and unstable.
Nevertheless we…

Arqma status update 20.04.2020

Development/direction update for ZMQ. Phase 1 simple daemon implementation of zmq is completed. Phase 2 consumers of zmq eg) electron wallet and pool software is completed.

Last night Phase 3 started. this will be upgrading arqma-wallet-rpc to ZMQ implementation and becoming arqma-wallet-zmq. Good bye polling, hello efficient events.

Phase 4 will be consumption of arqma-wallet-zmq in electron wallet and/or anywhere else needing event based transactions.



Arqma update 30.03.2020


I would like to share small update related to previous medium post

Actual release 6.0.2 of ArQmA daemon include zmq protocol. To use it just start arqmad — zmq-enabled.

Thanks to Muscleman we have also updated pool code

Those code use also zmq function and it’s much more efficient. Also less cpu and memory resources is needed to run pool.

Generally pools will run the same number of pool threads as cores. and these are consistently using 0.3–07% cpu and 0.3% memory.

Mathematically there is an amount of time when polling every 500ms where a block could be available and but the pool does not have the block. ZMQ eliminates this. So the test pool is currently running with a 85%-90% effort.

We did update electron wallet but not yet modified for zmq usage.


Arqma status 03.2020

Many of you ask about progress

So short summary.

Lets open a little dialog on zmq.

Zmq is a high-performance asynchronous messaging library, aimed at use in distributed or concurrent applications. It provides a message queue, but unlike message-oriented middleware.

We currently are in the alpha stage of testing/building a zmq implementation. This implementation is envisioned to be consumable from pool operators in the first release. Preliminary usage has seen a substantial decrease in the resources required to operate a pool and could potentially translate to a reduction vps requirement to run Arqma pools.

Once we get…

ArQmA Hard Fork Announcement

All members of the ArQmA network must upgrade their software!

The hardfork is planned at block 303666 on 8th November 2019.

The new release “Devil’s Randomness v0.6.0” is mainly for the new POW algorithm RandomARQ.

As usual the links to the new binaries are available at

An algorithm change brings a lot of side works and coordination in order to prepare a smooth hardfork. Here we would like to thank all community members who participated to this big effort.

For miners:

The miner community can use xmrig which already include RandomARQ (rx/arqma) since version 4.3.0…

“ARQ live recording, the potential for a hundred times the currency outbreaker!”

Translated from original article:

Aladdin feels: The professor said: “Select a good project, you can define an indicator, that is, code update divided by market value.” First of all, what is needed is a team that works on the ground and needs a project that really writes the code. Second, you need a low valuation, and you will find him before you find it. Finally, to estimate the honesty of the entire team, only the boss with the character can lead the entire team to the future.

ArQmA is a decentralized public project of block chains, crypto currencies, and is fully open source.
The team of programmers consists of enthusiasts who have been dealing with cryptovaults and programming for a long time. ArQmA creates a full and brilliant currency exchange platform which aims to provide more advanced features than any previously developed protocol.
ArQmA (ARQ), as door-to-door anonymous coin started in 2018, LWMA adjustment algorithm, multi ringCT signatures, full BulletProofs. Explored PoW fragments, and end-users could release digital assets on ArQma without smart contracts. ArQmA is focused on security and code improvements. The highlights are still remarkable.

ArQmA Network

ArQmA Cryptocurrency

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